“I owe more than my house is worth” What options do I have for selling that won’t ruin my credit?

Underwater on your home mortgage? Read The Underwater Social by Paul C AspelinBy now, I’m sure you’ve found plenty of options touting short sales, loan modifications, principal reductions, deed in Lieu, renting your home out, strategic default, and even just sitting tight and waiting for your home to appreciate as the only means to deal with a home when you owe more than it’s worth. I’m here to tell you there is a better way.

The Underwater Social will get you thinking outside the box and allow you to regain the equity you need to sell your home without ruined credit! Owing more on your home than you can sell it for is unfortunately a huge problem for many homeowners. All the options you’re likely finding during your search for answers to deal with your underwater home are for people who are in financial trouble. Just because you owe more on your house than its worth doesn’t automatically mean you’re behind on your payments or facing financial hardship.

Millions of responsible homeowners who did nothing wrong are sitting trapped in an underwater home wishing they could sell it and move on with life. These are responsible people who don’t want to attempt a short sale, and would never just walk away. So where are the options to deal with your underwater house? Where is your bailout? It’s time to create your own housing bailout!

The Underwater Social is your answer for dealing with a serious problem when you owe more than your house is worth and need to sell. The government, Wall Street bankers, and most leading economists don’t feel you have a problem if you can afford to continue making the payments. But what if you want or need to sell your home for all the right reasons? What do you do? How do you get out from an underwater home without ruining your credit?

The Underwater Social: Create Your Own Housing Bailout book outlines a 9 step process to position your underwater home for a future successful sale. This book will show you how to make your house worth more than you owe!

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Author: Paul C Aspelin, The Underwater Social: Create Your Own Housing Bailout
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